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Doing nothing, abundance, luxury – a conflict?

Can you believe that you have to do NOTHING to live in pure abundance? Abundance is all around us every day. It comes in many forms, not necessarily money. The question to ask is: Can you see the abundance within and given to you? I have been blind a long time because my focus was on money most of the time. Even while having money on my spiritual path and while doing my inner work, I felt, I don’t have enough. I need more money, I need more money to survive. I have worked in a company ten years of my life and saved so much money that I could live from it around 4 years, always holding on to it subconsciously. When it was gone, I was in real trouble! Despite that circumstance, as soon as I surrendered to my brokenness, new money came to me, when I sold my part of the fashion label I founded with my friend. But my lifestyle and my investments into my healing path let the money flow away quickly again. It seemed like I am not suppose to have much money on my bank account. I started to search for a reason. First of all, I had / have a huge belief that I don’t deserve to have a “big” amount of money, thinking I am not worth it to live in “luxury”. Luxury is a word that has a bit of a “negative” reputation. But everyone defines her/himself what luxury means. It’s the same with money. How much is “much” money? For me, luxury is to be able to live my life wherever I want to be in the world, to be able to eat healthy food and treat myself from time to time. I love nice and good quality clothes, buying mostly second hand at my favourite shop in Berlin. Luxury for me also means, to eat my porridge and drink my coffee/ tea in the morning on the window seat in my Berlin apartment. In Bali I love to go for a morning walk with my wolf Hati and just let myself go with the flow. Luxury is a personal definition of what you like to have in your life. So when I found my own truth about luxury, with it came a new definition of abundance as well. Abundance came to me in Bali in form of many presents I was given, many places I was hosted and also my will to spend money on things I felt I deserved. I learned how to exchange my human gifts for accommodation, food or other treatments. It took me so long to realize, that I have everything I need to live a good life. I only saw (and still see) money leaving my bank account and thought: Shit, I have to do something to not run out of cash. I asked universe what to do besides the Readings I give from time to time. And my spirits answered me: DO NOTHING! The only thing you have to do is, to be present. Show the world you just BEING. Well, please excuse my future pictures of me just lying around somewhere in a nice place seemingly doing nothing. For me this was/is still a struggle, not being able to easily build something and physically create a new business. Whenever I tried something that came from a place of anxiety and mind, nothing worked. And even when the ideas came from my heart and with true intention, it didn’t work either. Why is that? The question that comes is: What does “business„ nowadays mean? It takes of course a new way of thinking to create a mindful business within the old structures when you have a new consciousness and nothing of what you want to do does exist or is well known. However I understood the deeper meaning of “Doing nothing” only after such a long time in Bali and Hawaii when I reflected back on everything that happened. When you do your inner work, you become more and more your most authentic self and what you truly are beyond all the conditioning. Our purpose here on earth is to live in joy and peace with Mother Earth and all living beings. We are not meant to work hard and under pressure. We are not meant being told what to do and how to do. Our system is designed to hold us small and conditioned, so we never ask questions and mostly keep on filling pockets of other people. Our traditional work system is a topic on its own. There are by now so many of you, breaking free from this habitual work life joining the “movement” of awakening. The reason why I do so much energetic work and healing with myself is most of all to become who I truly am. On this path I can by now support many others with my knowledge and healing power. It’s still such an unusual path to walk but I would never change again and go back, not even for all the money in the world. What does following your heart and intuition bring you? – Uncertainty, struggle, upcoming trauma as well as your subconscious conditioning. What are you gifted with when going through all of it? – Freedom, joy, peace, love and a life full of miracles. More specific: You will create your perfect life, choosing what you want to experience, find true love with a partner and express your creativity and live an abundant life. I can tell, everything is “better” than it has ever been before. Sounds difficult and exhausting? It is sometimes. But more difficult and life threatening is to stay in an environment where you have to play a role. People play so many roles all the time and are not even aware of it. Relationships are the most common playground for role plays. What I actually like to say is: It’s all a process in which you learn about yourself. And everything has its timing. How to create an abundant life if you are not able to see the abundance? As everything is connected, which I strongly believe, we learn step by step, how much everything means in relation and interdependence with each other. Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason. Once you have reached a certain level of awareness, you start to see through the veil of illusion and might be shocked about what you recognise behind your thoughts (monkey mind). One of my lessons during the past month was to develop the ability to see how blessed I am, what I have been given (apart from money) and to recognise and value it with gratitude. Waking up with rice field or ocean view, living in a house with a soul family and animals, being connected with my higher self, this is true abundance for me. I just realise that this is what I have wished for long time ago. It’s not money that makes us happy in the end; it’s the connection with all living beings. As Jesus said: “Abundance comes to those who already have it.”. In simpler words: If you feel like you are rich with what you have, you attract more of it. It’s the law of attraction. My spirits told me I will never have to worry about money, if I am just me. What do I do? I worry about money all the time, especially now that it`s gone again. I must be insane. We all are. We can’t accept doing nothing because it is not accepted in our society. Doing noting means not to sit and wait. It means to give yourself as much time as needed to figure out who you are, to invest in your healing path and rest. If it takes ten years, then it takes ten years. There were these words once written on my mirror: If you want to change the situation, you must change your perspective. These words appeared on my mirror out of nowhere. They are more valid than ever before. I am rich. Rich of knowledge. Rich of love. Rich of people who love me and that I love. Rich of dreams and visions. Rich in every way. I am pure abundance. And so are you.

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